Minnesota walleye fishing is well known to be among the best walleye fishing in the country and Minnesota has thousands of lakes that provide excellent walleye habitat and structure for walleye fishing.

Walleyes generally run from 1-4 pounds but often are caught weighing up to 10 pounds. Walleyes less than 4 pounds are considered some of the best eating fish there is. The white meat is firm and not oily so the fish is best prepared fried, grilled or broiled. Because most lakes are clear and cold, Minnesota walleyes do not have a muddy or fishy taste.

Northern Minnesota is known not only for the many excellent walleye fishing lakes but also for the scenic forests that surround the lakes. There are many Minnesota resorts that cater to people looking for good walleye fishing and Spider Shores Resort on Spider Lake, north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota is an excellent choice.

Spider Lake is a spring fed clear-water lake that supports great walleye fishing. The lake has many weed lines, drop-offs, good baitfish populations and other features that support walleye habitat.

The resort on Spider Lake has 10 modern 1-3 bedroom housekeeping cabins, boat and motor rentals, bait, lake maps and other amenities that to insure a successful Minnesota walleye fishing trip. Please call 218-326-2031 for more complete information about our Minnesota walleye fishing opportunities.

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